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Get a Good View of Your Internal Anatomy

We'll help your physician make a good assessment

When you're getting ready for an imaging service to verify your healthcare provider's diagnosis, to check in on your new baby or to assess the damage your fall has done to your ankle, you need a variety of things. You'll need cutting-edge equipment to get a deeper view of your bodily systems, a friendly technologist to ease you through the imaging process and a knowledgeable radiologist to walk you through the results. You can count on the Imaging Center of Idaho to provide ideal imaging services.

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The Imaging Center of Idaho offers a wide range of imaging services to provide you and your physician with an understanding of what's going on inside your body. Our imaging services include:

CT scans

Dexa/bone density scans





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A picture is worth a thousand words

Imaging Center of Idaho is dedicated to completing reliable imaging services to make the diagnosis and treatment processes as accurate as possible for your physicians of Caldwell, ID and the surrounding areas. Our cutting-edge equipment and esteemed staff work in a unique facility specifically designed to provide you with the best possible imaging services.

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