Imaging Center of Idaho Is Paving the Way for Innovation

Imaging Center of Idaho Is Paving the Way for Innovation


Do you dread going in for MRI scans? Does claustrophobia take over and leave you feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed? Imaging Center of Idaho is proud to offer specialized open imaging for our Meridian, ID and Boise, ID patients. Our caring and knowledgeable staff works hard to optimize patient satisfaction. We won’t confine you to a closed-in space – we’ll create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Oasis Magnet MRI in Meridian, ID

Oasis Magnet MRI in Meridian, ID

Our #1 priority is “you” our patient and ensuring you have a comfortable experience. We are able to accomplish this by providing the most advanced technology in “high field” open MRI Imaging. The new OASIS MRI is the first technology of its kind in the state of Idaho combining comfort along with high quality diagnostic imaging from our board certified and fellowship trained Radiologists. Our OASIS Magnet easily manages a wide array of patients: anxious, elderly, large, small; all approach the OASIS without apprehension. With the Oasis Magnet we excel in high quality diagnostic examinations in all areas of the body including Orthopedic Imaging , Neurological Imaging , Vascular & Body imaging. Consult with your Healthcare Provider or give us a call for a free phone consultation regarding our Open MRI services.


When you come in for your appointment, our team will invite you into a spacious exam room. There you’ll find a High-Field Open MRI machine. Unlike standard MRI machines, ours is open on all four sides. You’ll have plenty of space to stretch out – you can even ask a family member or friend to join you in the exam room.

The OASIS magnet results in reliable radiology reports. The High-Field Open MRI scan is ideal for those with special needs or reduced mobility. If you are in Boise, ID, Treasure Valley or Meridian, ID contact our Meridian office to learn more about specialized imaging scans.


Our powerful imaging technology gets the same clear results as a standard MRI machine. You’ll benefit from a more positive and enjoyable patient experience, too. Perks of open imaging technology include:

  • Positive patient satisfaction ratings – many offices report satisfaction ratings of 98% or higher.
  • Ability to accommodate patients up to 660 pounds – size shouldn’t have a negative impact on the accuracy of your MRI scan.
  • Spacious procedure room – we house our MRI machine in a spacious exam room featuring scenic views.

  • We’ll obtain the clear images necessary to identify disease or injury. Simply call 208-846-7494 to schedule your appointment at our Meridian MRI Center.